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TOPIC: Election_Post_Mortem_aka_Wednesday_Morning_Quarterbacking
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We might as well go ahead and get this started. What do you think about the campaign strategies? What major mistakes did they make? 

On Romney, I think his smartest decision was moving to the center in the first debate; he couldn't win without some moderate voters, and that helped. 

His worst mistakes were the mismanagement of his convention and his VP choice. Ryan only reinforces the belief among moderates that the party is too radical. He doesn't appear able even to bring along his home state, and he has been relegated largely to a surrogate role in safe, solidly red states. 

Obama's biggest mistake IMO was his piss poor debate preparation. And beyond that, not making Congress an issue, like Truman did. There's a legitimate argument that Congress has been an impediment to getting things done, and it would play well to an electorate that gives Congress only an 11% approval rating. 

That strategy might also have given the Dems an outside chance at re-taking the House, or at least moderating the stand by Republicans who are re-elected. 

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TOPIC: Election Post Mortem aka Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking