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TOPIC: Docs getting politically nosey
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For this to be valid they would be asking if the child is allowed to express themselves in the home

.ksl. com/index.php?nid=757&sid=24123834&fm=most_popular

if there are hammers in the home. if the child's parents had a permit for their hand and feet. if there are blunt instruments in the home. if there is a automobile that the parents allow their child to ride in. all of these things kill many, many, more more children every year than these evil looking black guns. and speaking of black. If they are going by the numbers and using the scientific methods of finding facts they should also ask if there is someone living in the home who is black. The numbers prove without question that blacks kill a much larger portion of their own population than any other group of people in this nation. there is no affirmative action in addition and subtraction.

BUT, if you want to actually stop these mass shootings then you should ask if there are any persons in the family of close to the family who suffer from mental illness.

and before this child walks out the door, if he is a black male, the doc who is actually telling the truth should have to inform the child and responsible parent that this child stands a ten times better chance of being murdered by another black than any other racial group in this country.

I hate racism but if these docs care about the provable truth and facts each and every one of these points has much more to do with gun violence and death in this country than assault weapons do. The well publicized numbers overwhelmingly support each one of these facts. I dare a doctor to tell the truth.

If I upset anyone I'm sorry. I do understand that people do not like being pointed out or vilified for something that is not illegal.

Red Bluff CA
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TOPIC: Docs getting politically nosey