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TOPIC: Court_Backs_Ban_on_Abortion_Procedure_-_Partial_Birth_Abortions
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My personal beliefs on abortion are simple. I do not think its a good option unless certain circumstances are present. My personal reasonings have always been simple. 1. If its a cast of incest or rape. 2. If there is physical danger to the woman carying the child such as death. 3. If the unborn child has severe defects. However I felt everyone had the right to choose. Now I am not so sure.

I am hoping that you guys will read this through a remember this is going to be very real situation. I recently endored a very heart breaking situation with my youngest sister. She has a very debilitating form of Lupus. She had met a guy recently and had a short little stint with him. During one encounter the condom broke and she became pregnant. She is a single mother and has one lovely daughter whos father isn't around at all. Her and the baby both almost died during that. Her health is not good and there is no real cure or aid in this disease. She was told she would not survive if she tried to carry to term. Thankfully she was only a few days pregnant when she found out. Having one child who needs and solely depends on her it was her only option. So I went with her to be her moral support.

Now I had the rudest awakening that day sitting in this clinic in Philadelphia. Yes admitting ignorance here so shush. In four hours time over 75 woman came through that clinic. They do that 6 days a week and 8 hours a day. I couldn't believe it. I really didn't think so many people were so self absorbed in their own selfish little bubbles. I saw ladies of all kinds and creeds. Some with very little remorse or even sympathy for those around them. One girl was so absolutely and uterly pittiful. She was sitting with her mother cracking jokes about it. Very disturbing to me very shocking. The receptionist asked her to please stop and she responded with why should I care about the feeling of these people. This girl was a minor and her and her mother laughed out loud at her daughters comment to this receptionist. I was totally shocked and suprised.

I guess it just not the way I look at people and life I guess. I figure they need to do something to change this. That was to much and those few mistakes that had no danger to them could have been an infertile womans biggest gift. I know the clinic tries to convince them to use alternatives first. I honestly thought more people would have concideration for others and the life the are carrying. I actually went outside once my sister was being seen. I actually got physically ill from that experience.

So now I think they need to make it so only for example the few reason I have posted are legal. They need to change it so that people can't use this as a form of birth control. If someone has more than one they should have a temporary type of tubal til they are conciously ready to decide they want a child and have to have the temporary fix removed. That is way to many unborn lives lost for selfish reasons.

So now I guess I lay somewhere between the two sides because I do not like the present state we are in. I also know there are some case where it should be an option.

I am glad they started with this procedure. There are a few weeks where you could take care of it. If you don't oh friggin well your irresponsibility make some womans dreams come true.

I give all people concideration and respect. I only deviate from that when they have shown me they don't offer the same in return. I actually wanted to smack that girl I tell you. For anyone who knows me they will say they can't imagine me anything close to wanting to hit someone.

Bridgeport PA
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murder, pure and simple?

it must not have been pure and simple for the 4 justices who voted against the decision. there are very few "pure and simple" issues that are heard before the Supreme Court.

Newtown PA
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While I personally find Abortions to be Abominations and evil. I don't think that they should be Illegal for reasons that concern basic freedom and liberty which should not be restricted by Religious Morality. That being said, partial birth abortion is murder pure and simple. If you could either birth the child or stick a tube the back of it's head and suck out the brains, then I would call the latter decision murder. There needs to be a line drawn and I think Partial Birth Abortion crosses that line. Period.

Terrell TX
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TOPIC: Court Backs Ban on Abortion Procedure - Partial Birth Abortions
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