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TOPIC: Corruption_in_Governor_Jan_Brewer's_Arizona_National_Guard
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{Reprint of a journal by an Arizona citizen}

This military wife has been writing about the role of complicit commanders in cases involving sexual assault and sexual harassment of our military members. A story recently broke in Arizona about the horrific actions of an Army National Guard recruiter and the story focuses on his so-called "bum hunts." Yes, this man took out new recruits and young enlisted in the Army National Guard Humvee and "hunted" the homeless with paint guns. But the story isn't a simple one of a single recruiter and his power over young and easily-influenced recruits. It is a story of sexual harassment, of lack of respect for military members, both active duty and veteran, and of the men given the responsibility to command this unit and their failure to do so. It goes far beyond one bad apple and it makes me question the entire chain of command in the Arizona Army National Guard.


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TOPIC: Corruption in Governor Jan Brewer's Arizona National Guard