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TOPIC: Connecticut_School_Shootings
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My heart is broken hearing about the murders of innocent children. If I could magicly make everyone live in peace and put the firearm genie back in it's bottle by eraticating them I would do it in an instant, but sadly that isn't an option and everyone knows it so we are left to deal with this sad reality of our day and age. I know this particular part of the forums is a cesspool of vitriolic statements and many here are more interested in insulting others than engaging in any real discussion but here are some facts as I see them.

Just having a gun won’t make you safe nor will banning all guns make us safe as a nation.

You can’t legislate yourself into being safe from evil people who would commit horrific acts of violence. High capacity guns have been around since about the start of the 1900’s but we haven’t had weekly/monthly mass murders until the last few decades so what has really changed about us?

Guns are used lawfully to prevent tens of thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands depending on the research) of violent crimes each year. You can’t just cherry pick the unlawful use of firearms without acknowledging the lives they have saved or the rapes the have prevented. You have to accept that a successful ban on all legal firearms will subject thousands of others to horrific crimes at the hands of violent criminals.

Gun bans will only affect the law abiding. Criminals WILL be able to get guns.

This is an unmitigated tragedy plain and simple. Many will blame the “gun culture” for this. The gun culture I learned of was all about safety, marksmanship and most importantly the heavy responsibility of guns and their use. This isn’t about gun culture but Americans culture as a whole.

Peoria AZ
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TOPIC: Connecticut School Shootings
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