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TOPIC: Benghazi-What_Really_Happened
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I found this account to be the closest to a credible truth. Occam's Razor.... ______________ Saletan: Everyone Was Wrong About Benghazi attacks

Published: October 22, 2012 11:54 PM By William Saletan Slate

The Benghazi attack should humble us. Not just because our ambassador and three aides were killed, but because all of us - even those who thought they were uncovering the truth behind a lie - were wrong about what happened.

In the days after the assault, spokesmen for the Obama administration linked it to an anti-Muslim video that had triggered riots around the world. Republicans accused the administration of drawing this conclusion because it suited Obama's worldview.

It reduced the attack to a matter of diplomacy and, in Romney's words, "apologizing." Liberals had rushed to believe what they wanted to believe.

As early accounts of a protest at the consulate collapsed, Republicans substituted their own story. The video, they explained, was irrelevant. Instead, the attack had been plotted by allies of al-Qaida to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11. This story, too, suited the worldview of its advocates. It reduced the Benghazi incident to a matter of security, warfare and refusing to apologize. And, like the protest story, it has unraveled.

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TOPIC: Benghazi-What Really Happened