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TOPIC: Be_verrrrry_careful_Gun_Control
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To the freethinking people in here be very careful about all this gun control. for safety. I am sure enough has been said here, so allow me to add a different point of view. What was one of the duties of this well armed Militia ? AKA: slave patrols and KKK. To retrieve runaway slaves. Most gun licensing were designed to keep guys from slaves and poor white people. Funny now I see black churches collecting guns, I'd be very Leary of anyone that told me turn in my gun to feel safe. I hope people will come out our mourning slumber and really think why the focus is on the gun and not the criminal insane two-party system that has now have an emotional cause to further inslave all people. I have to hear the issue of gun control and Black society discussed on why of our major. disinformation news sources. Might be a little to hot. Chicago over 500 gun deaths in 2012, answer turn in guns. And come by liberal Mayor.

I vote for the President this past. election but on this issue he wrong. By the way the NRA seem to avoid it too, just being fair and balanced . Love to hear from some gust maybe willing to share some knowledge . It is a fascinating part of his that is hush hush even in the Black communities.

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TOPIC: Be verrrrry careful Gun Control