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TOPIC: American 'Homo Sapiens'
Created by: Z_Z_Krewe
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Who are they? Why did god create the futuristic society in which they could co-exist? Why do reformation religions in America believe that the New Testament is a futuristic exchange of values from Old Testament societal values, anticipating a cosmic migration of species? Why do Old Testament cultures oppose, disregard, oppress, and suppress the existence of 21st Century cultures in the USA?

Does your 'god' hate or love American values?

Do you pack your middle-class, working-class sandwiches in lunch and snack bags only approved by your religious denomination values?

Is your 'god' heavily invested in the 21st Century 'plastics industry' of the Pacific rim countries, who owe no allegiance to the U.S.A.?

Does your 'Santa Clause' endorse any American 'weight loss' version of reality after December 31st?

How will the 'Mayan Apocalypse' affect your life and family values?

Treasure Is FL
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TOPIC: American 'Homo Sapiens'