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TOPIC: Acceptable Use and Forum Rules TOPIC LOCKED
Created by: ProfileReview
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These rules have been established to help maintain a civil and friendly environment, which will allow everyone to enjoy the discussions that can be found here. Please read through this page thoroughly before using the forums.

The SwingLifeStyle forums are officially unmoderated. We will, however, listen to complaints regarding rude behavior, personal attacks, illegal activity, or the posting of personal/false information. The actions we take against such violations will be determined on a case by case basis and may include a warning, deletion of offending posts, deletion of the thread, flagging of the profile for a period of time, blocking the member from further posting in the forums, or deletion of the profile from the site (in extreme cases).

1) Remember the golden rules: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

2) Just because you can say something doesn't mean that you should. Please think before you type.

3) If you have a conflict with someone, try to deal with it privately, one on one with the person, or report the issue to us. Taking it public is not right. Enlisting the help of your friends is not right. If you just cannot get along with someone, you can always use the forum block feature so that you will no longer see any posts by that member.

4) What happens off SLS stays off SLS! Please don't bring outside problems into our site! We can't do anything about what someone did to you outside this site. We don't want to hear about it or see it posted anywhere on the site.

5) Direct personal attacks/insults on a member are prohibited.

6) Extreme public criticism of SLS (SwingLifeStyle) or its employees is prohibited. Issues involving employees should be taken up in private and suggestions can be made in the Website Suggestions area in a civil and positive manner.

7) Members should not publicly discuss or reference in any way any action taken against them or others by SLS (such as suspensions, warnings, deletion of posts, etc...).

8) Members should not respond to or publicly discuss any post that they have reported to the moderator. Nor should they publicly discuss that they have reported a post to the moderator. Nor should they debate about whether a post has been reported or who reported it.

9) Members should not take matters into their own hands in the public forums. Responding to the following: a personal attack, baiting, or trolling should NOT be done.

10) No member should ever publicly accuse another member (either directly or indirectly) of violating any site policies or of posting false information.

11) Threads should not be bumped by posting and deleting a message to the thread or by posting "bump". If you have something to contribute to a thread that is on topic, you should contribute, but a post should not be made just to move a thread up to the top of the list.

12) Use of first names: Some of you sign messages with your first name and some do not. I have no way of knowing for sure what someone's real name is or if you have used your first name in the forums before or not. Therefore, I cannot make any determination as to whether someone is using your first name without your permission. With that being said, NONE OF YOU should be using anyone's first name unless you know for sure they are ok with it!


SLS staff may delete a thread or a post for any or no reason at all.


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TOPIC: Acceptable Use and Forum Rules TOPIC LOCKED