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TOPIC: A Vast Sea of Untapped Voters Up For Grabs
Created by: TheGhost_and_MrsMuir
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In this local universe, the Arc of Justice bends in the direction of justice because the Third Source of Creation is Mother Spirit, Eternal Mother, sustaining life until the human race becomes too insane to manage its own natural resources and habitats, and requires intervention. Then come the return of the Second Source, the Creator Son, with his Host of Heavenly Angels to subdue the rebellion and restore divine order.

My tradition of Justice is different than other denominational religions, based on a different priesthood and different sacred writings.

The Vast Sea of Untapped Voters are the oppressed, who have no sense of balance and are uncertain of anything beyond their experience of their own habitats. It takes the bravest of the brave to seek and save the lost sheep of the Lost Tribes of Israel, a metaphor for those who cannot perceive truth without the aid of another human being who has clear perception of these realities. Religions can deceive and mislead the sheep, by the influence of false prophets and lying shepherds. That metaphor fits the presidential candidacy of Mormon bishop and Vulture Capitalist Willard Mitt Romney.

Americans who vote for Romney are the deceived Lost Sheep of the Lost Tribes, whose destiny is the Black Hole of Damnation.

[Thank you for providing the opportunity to explicate and expound on this national election. Parables of the Lost Sheep are an important gospel of the Planetary Princes and Sovereign Sons].

[[Americans are voting for their own destruction or salvation. Idiots out walking around having fun together and voting for Romney are poisoning the earth and the Soul of Mankind.]]

[[[Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord.]]]

[[[Fresh pizza will be served at the Marriage Feast of Lams when the Divine Tabernacle is erected on Planet Ocean & Earth.]]]

[[[[The Republic-con Party Gospel is written by Lying Liars Who Tell Lying Lies to Unsespecting Sheeple.]]]]

Treasure Is FL
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In the dither and blither of partisan pundit politics we sometimes forget that roughly half of Americans that CAN vote, don't. While the ideologues scream and holler at each other trying to convince the faithful, Obama and his team is focused on turning out those 'sometimes' and 'no times' voters. Nearly all studies show these voters to be Democratic by margins of 75% or more. Why then not spend significant effort and resources to do woo this voter? Remember, the polls tabulate 'likely voters', which means 'previous voters'.....

Republicans have rarely availed themselves of these voters, preferring instead to organize in the evangelical movement and their most faithful supporter, the white middle aged male.

I joined the Obama organization in 2007. I've been in on the conference calls. been to the rallies, gotten the emails. This election cycle I have not volunteered because my business has gotten so busy but I did pledge to bring as many of these 'sometimes' and new voters to the polls as I could, but I still get the calls and emails....

Yesterday my son cast his first ever ballot. He voted for Obama. My daughter did likewise and is also casting her first National ballot. Mrs Muir voted for Obama before and did likewise today.

In essence I tripled my voting power by shepherding these two new voters to the polls. ALL of Obama's supporters have vowed to do this. As many as they can. This is the core of Obama's ground game and to be honest I'm surprised it did not get more attention. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for bringing voters to the cause. Seems I've heard quite something about 'personal responsibility' from one of these candidates.... Now we will see which one can walk the talk.

I don't believe Romney can stand up to that onslaught.

Obama spoke to the heart of it last night at his final campaign speech. This is a battle between the We The People and the Oligarchs that financed the bulk of Romney's campaign efforts. The 'community organizers' (OH how poetic that is!!) against the high financiers.

If the Arc of the Universe truly does bend in the direction of justice, our president, this man our great country desperately needs at this time in her history, will be re-elected with a resounding majority as he was last time.

May the truly best man win.

East Fishkill NY
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TOPIC: A Vast Sea of Untapped Voters Up For Grabs