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TOPIC: A Liberal challenge
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Well well well. It seems that there are a few people on these forums who live to stalk around, POLICING (or at least attempting) the political exchanges of everyone else with PRE- EMPTIVE STRIKES; aping their party in an attempt to SHOCK & AWE us LIBERALS into just shutting - up. Hardly a behavior pattern befitting DEMOCRACY. Modern conservatives claim to advocate smaller government and a laissez- faire mentality, and that ALL liberal thought, supposedly because it is flawed from the get- go, cannot stand on it's own merits. So here is my challenge: leave us alone. Let THIS THREAD, and only this thread, be an open LIBERAL discussion area. Feel free to read it, but leave your dogma- spewing, name- calling, hate- baiting diatribes for the other threads. Let's see what WE can come up with when we're not reacting to these demagogues so much. What do you say, conservatives? Since we're SO mistaken and MISGUIDED, surely you can spare a bit of bandwidth to let us rant unabated? Hell, I'm even giving you the O.K. to SPY on us! NO WARRANTS! After- all we're just a bunch of swingers- not making policy. So why not- lest you're afraid of what we might come- up with? If you see something you don't like, you can always START YOUR OWN *^%#!ING THREAD, for a change. I'd read it. So- CENTRISTS and PROGRESSIVES, LIBERALS and MODERATES, here's the spot- let's abandon this stupid heckling and find some real solutions to some very real problems!

1st topic (or post your own): Is it possible to redirect our enviromental paradigm from one of resources management to one of stewardship (or some other) w/o abandoning capitalism on some or all levels?

Chicago IL
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TOPIC: A Liberal challenge