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TOPIC: 21st century solutions
Created by: Robert_Hil
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"The future belongs to the children." unknow scorce.

I heard that someplace once before. I rather think that it is true. If anyone stopped to look at Hal fast technology has advanced, they would realize that in the last 30 years, the number of I ovations and advancements have exceeded the those of 50 years before. In the last 80 years, the rate of advancement has more than quadrupled than the 80 years before that.

So why hasn't the level of intelect of our laws advanced?

Banning things didn't work for moonshine, proabision or illegal drugs. With the advancement of personalized 3d printing, how does one expect to get ahead of terroris and criminals alike?

Banning things as a means of protection is both outdated and a knee jerk reaction. It is something the powerless do to feel that they have done something when they haven't done anything at all. The plans to make an AR15 with a 3d printer are all over the net.

Make downloading them illegal and you will find that people will with great ease pay out of work 3d artist like me to make them instead. Or they could just download the 3d models which I already have made and convert them to .ojb files and open them in cad and hit print. (some modification maybe required.) Point is, you can't stop bad men from making weapons.

So if you can't stop bad men from making weapons, why stop good people from legally buying weapons? One word answer. Fear. You fear weapons so much you will refuse to accept the fact you are powerless to stop the future.

Don't worry, you have the far right to keep you company under the baby blue blanket. You both can spoon with each other under the bed. I however will advise fixing society as the solution.

Most every case if mass shooting can be traced to either those on some kind of drug related to a medical need caused by stress. The work harder and faster society we have developed has lead to some of the most advanced technologies we can hope to imagine... Becoming a reality. It has also left in its wake the broken bodies of those less fit.

These less fit aren't just going to accept being unkept slaves to minimum wage and crushing college debt.

Other mass killings have been by those who rightfully or wrongly (both went about vengence in the wrong manner) chose to have their ten minutes of fame and then die. You gun bans wont stop them. For the cost of one AR15 you can or soon will be able to buy a 3d printer and make a AR15. Do not dispare, you can slow these people down, reduce the killings by making law. The laws made must however be about fixing the broken. They must be about providing for the masses help so that they don't devote themselves to death and violence.

Like the days of the mid-evil Europe, the days of ignorance must end.

Education is no longer a luxury, it is the new minimum.

Healthcare is no longer a luxury or the carrot dangled before the masses to keep them working harder. It has become the hallmark of a civilized society.

Both sides must give, both sides must change. The only questions, are you prepared to change and adapt to the new realities of our time or are you a coward hurrying your head in the sand? I choose change, will you join me?

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: 21st century solutions