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The fact that you have split up, and it's been 4 months now, gives her the right to pursue happiness in her own way. The fact that you still get so angry about it means that you are still allowing her to have power over you. This is most unhealthy.

I really think it would do you some tremendous good to get help from a professional counselor for a little while, at least once a week for the next couple of months. You need to work through your feelings and put this relationship totally behind you in order for you to be able to move on and build a new, happier life.

You know your relationship with her is finished. It's like my counselor told ME when I was about where you are now: "You're standing at the side of the grave of your marriage, but you just can't bring yourself to throw the last handful of dirt on the grave and walk away."

Please see a counselor for a couple of months. This is tearing you up inside and you need some help to get through this.


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TOPIC: should i be pissed