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TOPIC: living well without guilt
Created by: xandrianhubby
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so as i sit just 2 hours from boarding a plane for a fabulous vacation to SoBe with the man who makes my life a JOY to live, and my son is safe and happy with his best friend's family, and my bills are paid and my health (and that of those who are dear to me) is good- i can't help but think about the family of the 13 year old boy scout who recently drowned, the loved ones of the fallen military men and women serving in the middle east, and people who simply don't have a happy life.

i know we work hard to have the life that we have, we've sacrificed to make our son's life better every day, we plan and save and appreciate our rewards. we give our time to charitable organizations, and donate goods, and teach our son to be compassionate and grateful and to have a giving heart. but that doesn't stop that little piece of me from thinking "why do _I_ deserve this??"

part of me thinks it's silly to feel guilt- bad things happen to me too- it's the natural cycle of life. but has anyone else ever suffered "the good life" guilt when the stars are aligned?

"see" you all next weekend!!!

ciao, Xandria

Sterling VA
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TOPIC: living well without guilt