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TOPIC: Writing a book
Created by: Robert_Hil
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The many things you learn when writing a book.

Math... It isn't possible to write a book convincingly when you do not keep size ratios correct, let alone numbers of people in a group of people.

Vocabulary: you will expand your vocabulary by leaps and bounds... Even if you'll never use the words. This doesn't mean that your spelling will improve, but it could as you enter the editing phase.

Memory: writing a book is as much memorizing every detail that came before as it is growing a elaborate vocabulary so to mix up the words you use.

Character types: you get to learn a little bit about psycology, about people and their motivations.

Well read: over time conducting research, you will become well read on a great many subjects. You may not be able to land a space shuttle or repare a warp reactor any time soon... But you'll have a better understanding if why things are the way that they are.

The appreciation for literature and culture that are not your own. Personally I think that every 12th grader should be made to write a 50,000 word essay or book before receiving their deploma... This would prove that they are prepared for the complexity of the world we have today... And better improve their self confidence in their own education which is the leading factor in why people do not even attempt college. Oh and it is the best test to see if your school prepared you for life.

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TOPIC: Writing a book