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TOPIC: Would_you_tip_$10_on_a_$1,500_pizza_delivery
Created by: Nkenswing
Original Starting post for this thread:
What do you tip a pizza delivery person on a $1,500 order? Hint: Not $10.

Customers of pizza joints and casual-dining establishments should probably keep in mind that not only do the underlings they shoo away between servings of low-cost food rely on tips to live and to balance out their tax burden, but they're not afraid to call you out for being stingy. Reddit has become a compendium of such service-industry horror stories, with the latest coming Tuesday from a user named jfastman who posted the receipt showing a $10 tip added to a $1,453.95 bill.

That's less than a 1% tip, big spender. Meanwhile, one person had to haul 85 pizzas from Point A to Point B. That 10 bucks is well below the $2-per-pizza that the Cornell Hotel School considers a baseline tip for a delivery, according to CNNMoney. That would come out $170 in this case, but if that seems a bit steep, a reasonable 10% tip would set a buyer back $145.

Seriously, 5% and an apology would have at least given the poor pizza schlepper $72.50 or so to play with. But $10 for a literal wall of pizza you had no problem dropping nearly $1,500 on? Mind you, those pizzas went for a not-so-cost-effective $17 a pop.

Ten buck tip for all that pizza. What a jerk.

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Although we are very generous tippers in a restaurant I don't see the need to tip a delivery guy the same amount (20% or more). A server is responsible for more than delivering your food.

We don't order delivery either unless we are on the road and dead tired in the hotel after. I want my food fresh and hot as soon as it leaves the kitchen. Our favorite pizza place is less than 1/2 a mile and we always pick it up.

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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Being a bartender myself, and having worked in food service for over 15 years, I always tip 20%, unless the service is REALLY crappy, and then I only give 10% and TELL them why. ("I was really disappointed with the service I got from you today. My drink was left empty/food didn't come out on time/you didn't check back to see how it went...")

As a bartender/server, we KNOW when we've given crappy service, we're our own harshest critics. We also know when we've given you the best service possible to make your dining experience a great one, and still occasionally get stiffed. Some people say they have a problem with tipping and don't believe they should. That's your prerogative. However, tell us ahead of time you don't believe in tipping, and we'll give you the service you deserve, that's only fair.

In all my years, I've only had one person ever tell me "I don't believe in tipping." I still gave them great service, because it's in my nature to people please, and surprisingly, the guy left a 20$ tip at the end of the meal and shook my hand!

As to the original thread: That was just ridiculous. Maybe not a 20% tip, but a $50 would have been nice. The guy schlepped all these pizza pies to them!!!

San Diego CA
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Some years ago, I was a pizza delivery driver. School deliveries were the worst. You'd have to make 5 runs to deliver ALL of the pizzas, and if you were lucky the manager would give you $1.50 per run, not $1.50 for the whole order. School orders NEVER tipped in my experience. Side note: Neither did AFSME, cheap bastards. (American Federal, State and Municipal Employees Union)

Toledo OH
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Interesting bit of information.....

Some pizzeria owner said that deliveries of 100 pizzas or so to area schools were common, and the drivers almost never got tipped.

You might also notice that the picture of the credit card slip has the $10 tip written in, but has "Phone" written in the signature line in the same handwriting. i.e. this slip *was not* filled out by the purchasing party.

So - the pizza buying person (given that it's 85 pizzas, probably a school or similar organization) didn't tip $10 at all. The tip (if any) actually given to the driver at the time of delivery is not known to us at all.

Windermere FL
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yes for me. Good service always gets 20% or more. average service gets 15-20% and crappy service gets zero and i dont feel bad at all about it. i dont want to hear excuses either, not my problem

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While I like pizza, I just can't envision myself ordering $1,500 worth of pizza.

JW if these guys deliver...

metro. co . uk/2012/06/18/luxury-caviar-topped-pizza-goes-on-sale-for-1000-471100/

Brooklyn Park MN
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We usually tip 20% sometimes higher if the bill is a low bill. I don't find it fair to punish a good wait person because I have become a light eater. We don't get delivery pizza, nobody comes out to our neck of the woods. Do not tip UPS, Fedex, or USPS as we use a PO box. We do tip the trash people though, it is a dirty job, they deserve the tip.

Sanford NC
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I don't tip UPS or FedEx drivers because they get paid a decent wage. Not to mention that I'm rarely home whenever they deliver. But I do give my mailman a "Xmas bonus" every year. Nothing crazy, maybe like 20 or 30 bucks and a card.

I tip my:

Barber Waiter/Waitress Valet Bartender Delivery Driver Dry Cleaner Bellhop Skycap Taxi/Limo drivers Bag boy/girl

And probably even more than that. I basically tip just about anyone who does something for me that I don't want to do myself. Tipping definitely has it's benefits if you're a regular customer, too. If the bartender knows you're a good tipper, the drinks come a little stronger. The barber will give you head of the line privileges if you're in a rush. Bag boy at the grocery store will take the groceries to your car. (Remember when they used to do that anyway?) Dry Cleaner will do a rush job for you at no extra charge.


Danville PA
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I guess I think of things a little differently than most people. Do I tip a pizza delivery person if I order one...yes, but begrudgingly. Would I have tipped him the %15-20 for that delivery...most likely not, but I would have given him more than the $10. If you want a job making $200-300 dollars in a few short hours than I suggest you either get an education or develop a skill.

Delivery people are just that, delivery people. How many people tip the UPS, Fedex or USPS delivery person. If there is a check in your mail for a $1000 are you going to tip them %15-20 percent of its value?? Or if you order a $800 part for your car, bike or house, do you plan on tipping them the standard rate?? Most likely not.

Don't get me wrong, I rarely leave less than %20 tip when we go out to eat when the service is good...if the service sucks I revert to the %15, never any less. To me, waitress's and waiters are the only people I don't have an issue with tipping.

I just don't believe in tipping people for doing their everyday jobs regardless of how much their employer is paying them...they don't like the pay, than get a better job.

Pequea PA
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My bad. I read all the posts and still missed it. Guess my mind is on other things. :o)

Columbia SC
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TOPIC: Would you tip $10 on a $1,500 pizza delivery
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