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TOPIC: Whats_the_worst_strip_joint_you_ever_went_to
Created by: ClassicPAcpl
Original Starting post for this thread:
I tried this before and the post couldnt open so I am trying again.;

Lady Classic and I went to a new strip joint in our area a while back.;

It stated in the add it had a $2.00 cover charge. that should have been our first clue.;

Anyway, we enjoy the occassional night out at a local strip club so we thought lets check it out... WHAT A MISTAKE!!! There was only 1 table in the place. All the chairs were around the bar and infront of the stage. The place was so small, you could spit from one wall to the other width wise. It wasnt very long either.( No I am not making a dick reference) The juke box was playing some type of hate metal music. There were about 8 people in the bar excluding the dancers, the barmaid and door man. this at 11 P.M.;

Here is where it gets ugly!;

We sat down to a not so pleasent girl on the pole. Ok to each their own..;

the very next girl to come up and dance was PREGANT!! Yes I said it PREGNANT!!!;

Lady Classic figured her to be in 2nd trimester.;

Oh it was sad folks!;

She took her top off and tried really hard to climb that pole but alas, she couldnt.We couldnt even finish our drinks! We looked at each other and said "To hell with the $2.00 cover, Were leavin!";

Im thinking this place aint gonna make Kingstons Places to See list any time soon!;

No we are far from prudes, and we are really far from perfect ourselves but this was one thing we didnt have on our check it out list.;

So has anyone ever had an experience like this???

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The year was 1994. November 1994 to be more specific. The club was Ship Wreck in Jacksonville, NC. The club name should have been a dead giveaway to most, but not to an 18 yr old, cockstrong jarhead fresh out of boot camp.

Most of the dancers had c-section scars. The ones who didn't, had one in the oven. The pool table was supported by 3 legs and a stack of phone books. Sadly, it was not the lightest object in the club, nor was it the only one in there with a fake leg.

I didn't even bother finishing my drink.


Danville PA
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VA your a better man than me because I After about 10 mins. I would have walked out!!!

There was this old strip club in Reading Pa that back in the 70's and 80's was a biker joint/ strip club called the Berkley.

I hadnt been in the place since about 1988 but one night about 10 years ago, Lady Classic and I thought we would check out the place.

The music was so loud I thought my ears would start bleeding. Then we found out why.

One of the dancers was deaf and she danced to the sound pulses. She wasnt very attractive and when she did her walk arounds, she would slam her breats into your back until you gave her a dollar to leave.

There was a nice place in Reading we went to alot. It was called 2nd Story. It had a real bad rep back in the 80's but was a real fun place to go. Had a stage on 2 floors. Hence the name. I stopped going for a while and we started going back around 2001. By then things quieted down ALOT and it didnt have much business anymore only the bottom stage was used anymore

It was owned by this old cpl who had this little dog for a bouncer named Mr. T

Lady and I would go there about 2 times a month and bring Mr.T some doggie treats.

Most times we were there, we were the only ones in the place and were treated like royalty. Only 2 girls most of the time danced but we got real upclose and personal with a few of the dancers and became close with the owners too.

2nd Story wasnt the worst place we ever went to, But by far it was our favorite!

White Haven PA
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Our group had a little outing planned perhaps 5 months ago to a strip show. The ladies wanted to go see male strippers, so we went along, figuring it would be fun to see all the chick go nuts over the dudes and possibly even pick up an extra or two for fun afterwards.

Well, they wouldn't allow guys in with them, so we went to the "other" side of the strip club, where there were 3 strippers laying around in chairs and nobody dancing. The AC was busted and the bartender didn't show up for work. We literally sat there sweating, watching an empty stage for about 45 minutes with no drinks, which was significantly less exciting than watching drunk chicks get wet over strippers.

Eventually a bartender did show up, and things improved a little. A dancer finally got off her ass and began her show. 5 minutes in she gave a little kick and her shoe flew off and hit one of us in the head. He dropped his drink, the glass broke, and the management tried to throw him out for being drunk. How the hell could he be drunk, there wasn't even a bartender until 10 minutes ago.

The night ended alright, but our time at the strip club was mostly just clock-watching while the girls were cock watching.

Windermere FL
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Or those in Tijuana.

New Orleans LA
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{note to self: do NOT got to WV strip clubs}

Fair Oaks TX
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Mrs Sweet and I went to this honky-tonk strip bar in WV (don't even recall if it had a name). We were the only patrons there with the exception of an old man suffering from severe clinical depression. We paid a $5 cover each, and started drinking. A 200lb "curves in all the WRONG places" bar maid came to our table and took our bottles. Then she stood there and looked at us scornfully for about 6 seconds and asked "Are you going to TIP your WAITRESS?" We gave her a buck to make her go away. About this time, the first dancer came out and she looked like the bar maid's older, hundred-pound-heavier sister. We exited the joint promptly. Then there was this strip club (also in WV) that me and the guys went to. It was the only business I've ever entered where I was actually concerned about acquiring a disease. During the dance, a not-so-lovely lady leaned off the stage and dove into my crotch, put her teeth around my package - leaving a wet bite mark of her saliva. She then flips her head up and says "I'll suck it for twenty dollars" loud enough for the guys to clearly hear her. Granted, we were the only ones in that club that looked remotely clean-cut, but I almost puked at the thought of her sucking off the scraggly haired nutty-looking guy down from us that had no teeth. I walked out and this became comic material for the guys for years.

Huntington WV
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Many years ago we went to a strip club in East Texas that was in a DOUBLE-WIDE trailer.....

Euless TX
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There was this bar in the Philippines......it was a long long time ago and my memories are not what they once were, but OMG!!! I remember animals, ping pong balls, quarters, bananas, and someone making change......:0)

Anchorage AK
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The Big Eye..Albuquerque N.M. 15 yrs ago..beautiful ladies in Albuquerque..just not there...had fun in the 505.. Great food.

Covington GA
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We love Buck Rubs!!! We are pretty much VIP's there. Just beware of Candy. Lol

North Fort Myers FL
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TOPIC: Whats the worst strip joint you ever went to
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