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TOPIC: Tattoos
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Have one, it does not seem to affect the way people view us.The only time its able to be viewed is if i am shirtless or nekkidI always keep it covered when working as people are stereotypical they associate tats with being unruley. My wife is pierced , now tis gives some an idea that there is something freaky about her. That she does freaky things . We invited a couple to a meet and greet we were putting on. They said sure , then looked at our rpofile and wrote back that the piercings freaked them out and they did not do wierd sex. Told them the only thing wierd was me.The email had nothing to do with sex ,just a meet and greet at a local pub. People are so afraid to meet anyone outside their small box, afraid they may like them to much and force a different reaction then what they want or need to control.

Sarasota FL
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TOPIC: Tattoos