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TOPIC: Swinging_seperately
Created by: PolyGrl The original post for this thread was deleted.
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We agree there is either trust ot there is no trust.

Center Valley PA
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we have done same room seperate roomand played alone it just dpends on our mood and who we are playing with i dont mind my hubby finding a cple or single to play with when i am busy or out of commsion for that week and vicaversa it tkaes a higher level of tust thasn most people have

Hammond LA
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We prefer to swing in separate rooms for one simple reason - Mrs. Valovers cannot have orgasms with other people in the room. The sounds and motion are just too distracting. We have learned this from experience. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with us, or with those of you who always use same room. Whatever works for you, works. That's great.

It most certainly IS different from swinging separately.

1) We meet with a couple, as a couple.

2) We do this as a joint recreational/social activity.

3) When at someone else's home, we go there together as a couple to enjoy that couple, and we socialize together as a 4-some both before and after playing.

As I stated in the Inter- and Intra-Couple thread, there are no rules about this, and nobody is better or worse than anybody else because they use separate rooms or same room.

I have seen this debate before, and it shouldn't be a debate at all, but should be a simple sharing with others of what works best for you. There is no need to make assertions about something being wrong with someone's maturity, or security, or emotional development, or anything like that because they choose to swing differently from how you swing. I've seen this happen before and hope we can avoid this kind of intolerance and "holier than thou" attitude this time.

Let's start the New Year off with a resolution to share our thoughts about swinging with each other, but to refrain from "putting down" others because they choose to do things differently.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Culpeper VA
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Thus far, while playing together, we have only played in the same room. I'll admit that it does get distracting at times if the other couple takes a break and is right next to you doing nothing but watching. However, we do enjoy watching each other with another during the heat of passion and we both enjoy the sounds of each other playing with others.

We have not played in separate rooms. We have both played alone a couple of times when the other was not interested or something along those lines. It's happened a few times, but not anything we do with any regularity.

Jennings LA
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I am really surprised its been about taking thier time.. The couples we have been with that do enjoy seperate rooms in which we have done that with them are doing it as they dislike seeing their spouses with someone else.Seeing her or him do things that they normally do not do and wondering why have they not done this .We have actually been witness to this when it happened where the hubby got up and came over and started to yell at her asking that very question.This was when we were new and did not know what to look for in other couples. This has also been a major hangup when serperate room players have tried to conform to our play in thesame room.They seem to watch their spouse ,mostly the male watching the female and get pissed at her, instead of taking care of what is at hand. Neither way is wrong. though I really wish poeple would be on the same page and in the same book on what their rules and limits to those rules are. I have no doubts that there are those out there that play seperate rooms for a different reason, these just happen to be what we have seen and dealt with in the past. Whenever any couple says seperate rooms we will play that way with them due to the experience we have when seperate room players try to go into the same room. For us it does not matter on same or seperate rooms, hell we can go to a house party if suzy finds someone interesting she can go , if I do its the same . However we will never be apart as far as going on seperate nights to play.WE want to be able to go t the other as soon as either one of us are done , talk about what has happened then wash up and have a go at each other. Something that most people do not know about suzy and myself. There is nothing we have done with another couple that we have not done with ourselves in our own bedroom, hood of the car etc.

Sarasota FL
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TOPIC: Swinging seperately
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