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TOPIC: Swinging and Menopause
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Im not a regular poster here but read the forums every day. I was prompted to start this topic from a post in the age topic from a younger couple who said they try to stay away from menopausal women because they find them, "Rude, Crude, Crass and Damn Near Crazy". Although I could take issue with that comment I though it would be more constructive for those to share how the big M has affected thier lives in relation to swinging. Also I had to laff because no one stays young forever so I guess they are going to hate themselves when they age. ha ha ha. And were they talking about the time before Menopause called Peri Menopause which includes women in their 30s or were they talking about those who have stopped menstruating altogether? Personally I have found a new -found patience tolerance and understanding and more self esteem too because I am not constantly worrying about Aunt Flo and her unpredictible visits and aweful smells. I love this time of my life and feel happier than ever and am able to laff at the body changes.. what do you all think? Mrs. Goats...

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TOPIC: Swinging and Menopause