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TOPIC: Stealing some
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Bacchus does this on a fairly regular basis. Because I am a very heavy sleeper and often confuse dreams with reality, occasionally I have to ask him if it happened or not. (and yes I know there are symptoms but I'm also prone to female wet dreams). His poor little boo-boo face when I'm not certain makes me feel so bad. Only had one bad experience with it that ended up quite funny. When he was IG and we hadn't seen each other in about six months, I surprised him and flew into NM for a weekend. He was staying in the VOQ. We had a wonderful evening but at three AM I woke and my first conscious thought was this broad shouldered form hovering over me. Because I was used to sleeping alone, I let out a blood curdling scream that was heard throughout the halls. His staff had a ball with it over their breakfast the next day.

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TOPIC: Stealing some