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TOPIC: Rouge planets
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So I was reading a paper today, it said that there are around 100 to 400 billion rouge planets in the milkeyway galaxy.

I wonder what whould happen if oh say Jupiter we're struck by a rouge planet?

Obviously Jupiter is quite large and could simply swollow most rouge planets whole... But what if it didn't? Worst yet, what if the rouge pleanet was a solod mass roughly the mass of Jupiter and passed through Jupiter?

Would the collision of mass cause Jupiter's gasses to scatter across the solar system? It is after all a gas giant... Not a solid planet. (Jupiter likely has some solid surface, a super dense solid core built up from all of the asteroids it grabbed from the solar system's outer region. (because our big brother Jupiter is cool like that to protect us from big bad monster asteroids)

Or could the collision of forces be the spark which gives us a second sun?

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TOPIC: Rouge planets