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Red Rogue Roids.

I'm pretty sure it was a rock band. They toured with Uranus Tongue Twisters.

Belle Chasse LA
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I imagine a "rouge" planet would leave the solar system looking like a hooker from the 19th century. Perhaps you mean a "rogue" planet.

As for a collision with Jupiter.... it would depend on the size of the impacting body, the relative velocity at which it struck it, and the manner in which it struck it (i.e. glancing blow, direct hit etc.) Jupiter has an enormous amount of angular momentum due to its huge mass and rather high rate of rotation, spinning on its axis about every 10 hours.

If the planet were comparable to Jupiter in size, there would be a large event but the result would likely coalesce into a larger planet, with no small amount of ejecta spread through the solar system. If the planet were smaller (say, Earth-sized) and directly impacted Jupiter, it would create a huge plume but would mostly be absorbed by the planet, for a time disrupting its gravitational field and thus the orbits of its satellites. In the end, however, everything would more or less return to normal in a period of perhaps 1-3 years, with no long term consequences other than slightly modified orbits to the satellites.

A far more likely scenario would be that a rogue planet would enter Jupiter's gravitational field. There are many possible outcomes. The most likely is that the planet's motion is deflected and the planet is ejected from the solar system. It is thought that Jupiter routinely ejects comets and other long-orbit Kuiper belt debris from the solar system this way, effectively serving as a security guard of the solar system and probably saving Earth over and over from damage caused by one headed our way.

If it grazed Jupiter closely, however, tidal forces would tear the planet into pieces, many of which would settle into orbit around the planet for a time. The result is a ring like what we see on Saturn today. Saturn's ring is likely the result of Saturn tearing apart one of its moons long ago, and it is believed rings are a "temporary" (millions of years) feature of the gas giants.

I was intensely interested in astronomy when I was younger. I still have a 6 inch Newtonian reflector in my garage than I built myself when I was 20.

Windermere FL
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"I wonder what whould happen if oh say Jupiter we're struck by a rouge planet?"

Then it would be the same size as Uranus !

Philadelphia PA
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So I was reading a paper today, it said that there are around 100 to 400 billion rouge planets in the milkeyway galaxy.

I wonder what whould happen if oh say Jupiter we're struck by a rouge planet?

Obviously Jupiter is quite large and could simply swollow most rouge planets whole... But what if it didn't? Worst yet, what if the rouge pleanet was a solod mass roughly the mass of Jupiter and passed through Jupiter?

Would the collision of mass cause Jupiter's gasses to scatter across the solar system? It is after all a gas giant... Not a solid planet. (Jupiter likely has some solid surface, a super dense solid core built up from all of the asteroids it grabbed from the solar system's outer region. (because our big brother Jupiter is cool like that to protect us from big bad monster asteroids)

Or could the collision of forces be the spark which gives us a second sun?

Hazle Township PA
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TOPIC: Rouge planets
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