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TOPIC: Protect Your Privacy
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This is a friendly Public Service Announcement. Please excuse me if this has been mentioned somewhere else in these forums / on this site.

Recently "Apple" released their latest operating system, iOS6 (for iPhones, iPads, etc.). And with this release came a native integration to Facebook. Users are presented with an option to sync their phone contacts with Facebook. Not only does this occur with contacts you have on your phone with which you are "Friends" with. But it will do a general lookup on all phone numbers you have - attempting to find a match in Facebook's database to a profile.

What does this mean to you, as someone in the Lifestyle who likely has given out your phone number to others in the Lifestyle? Well. It means that if the same number you are giving out to people in the Lifestyle also happens to be present on your Facebook profile - that their iPhones are going to automatically sync with your Facebook.

Your Facebook profile picture will be displayed in their contact for you on their phone. And a field in their Contacts for "Facebook" will have your First and Last name - along with a link to view your Facebook. Depending on your level of security on Facebook - they will either have access to a whole lot of information about you - or very little. For most of us, this includes them being able to see who our Vanilla Friends and Family are. Where we work. Who we're married to. Where we went to school. So on and so forth.

If this is not information you're hoping to share with those in the Lifestyle you've given your phone number out to - the best thing you can do at this point is to remove that phone number from Facebook. It wont likely have an impact to those who've have already had their contact for you synced to your Facebook profile - but it should at least prevent future people from also gaining access to this level of information about you.

Best of luck out there, friends!


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TOPIC: Protect Your Privacy