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TOPIC: Possitive Swing Experiences ONLY
Created by: Permagrn27
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I want to hear about people you have met and enjoyed. Not sexually just them as people. How it helps enhance the swinging experience.

We met a couple over the summer we absolutely adore. This couple was new to the lifestyle. The came to an event we were helping to over see. They were nervous yet friendly. They had these smiles that knocked me over. ( Yes I am big on smiles) Together as a couple they had a glow about them. Nate and I only had a few minute to spend talking with them as we had a few other guest we still had yet to atleast say hello to. In that few minutes we found we like them alot. We wanted to meet them again. To see where things go.

Now we have spent a few week-ends with them since this event. Time flies when we are with them. We all talk and goof off. The husband is alot like me. The wife alot like Nate. We just seemed to mesh extremely well. They actually care that we are ok and vice versa.

It seems to make the sex even better to us. We have had alot of experience in the last 2 1/2 years but nothing like this. We are building an incredible friendship. We actually can talk openly about everything. We feel like nothing is to personal to share with these two. So when we do actually get down to business its absolutley amazing . We have not yet even full swapped as of yet with this couple. Not in a hurry either. But we do look forward with anticipation and an incredible desire.

Never did we think we would find a couple we clicked with so much. Its been an interesting journey for us in the last few years. Grown alot as a couple and individuals. This however has totally caught us of our guard so to speak. Its in the most amazingly good way. Definately adds alot to the experience actually caring about the people your fornicating with. Its scarey to think we would rather spend a day with them not swinging them go to a house party. The sex we have had has been mind blowing. The taking our time with it has brought an incredible desire in all of us. The chemistry is hot.

Kinda feeling like a newbie again.... hehehe.. its been fun...

anyone else want to share some real feelings of sex..lust and friendship..

Bridgeport PA
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TOPIC: Possitive Swing Experiences ONLY