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TOPIC: Lying about weight
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I totally agree with you Poly! Im a bigger girl, though I carry my weight very well at 5'10. Ive met men who lie as well. Not sure if they think we will just fall for them based on typed words alone, or they think we wont notice the trunk of junk they carry behind them. Just maybe, they have that body dismorphic syndrome where they just cant see what others do. I dont lie, wouldnt want to put myself in that embarrassing situation. In fact, I often exaggerate my size just to weed out those who cant get past my nude pic. Yeah, the pic is awesome, I will admit, but it is laying down and with the camera in a perfect angle. So, not really sure why people lie about this - makes you think though, what else they are lying about! Atleast they lie up front and not behind your back where you would never find out

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TOPIC: Lying about weight