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TOPIC: How_would_you_handle_this_Please_help!!
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Oh ouch! Been there done that, We feel for you. It has happened here twice and one time we were to soft on the other couple so they would not stop IMing us and the next time we decided to be upfront and honest! Neither worked well but we felt much better being upfront and honest.

You know your situation and how the other couple is going to deal with the issue so you have to do what keeps your own peace instead of worrying what they will think. Either way it is a loose loose situation! I wonder if it would be better to speak man to man over a drink and let him soften the blow for her? That is what we would try if it happened again. Either way good luck to you!

Willis TX
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Speak up if something feels weird, resolve that right when it happens.

"they are very nice people and fun to talk to, but for me that is it and I really have no desire to meet (maybe it should be play) them again."

~~ Why not let THEM know this? You aren't required to explain why, just "you're nice, and we don't not like you, we just find that we aren't interested in sex/friendship/anything." I would get my feelings hurt if someone told me that, but I'd get over it quick; respecting them for respecting me enough to be up front about it, with no hard feelings once the hurt ones were gone.

We've sent only one of those messages; and got a thank you note from them stating they were glad we said it first, but that they wanted us to continue a friendship :)

We are all proud that we chose friendship over sex... otherwise, we'd have missed out on something great.

~~checking out now :) G'nite! Mary

Hattiesburg MS
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I was hoping to get some good feedback with this dilemma we are going through right now.

After meeting a couple and talking with them things seemed to be going well and everyone was in the mood to play. There was mutual attraction and everyone was getting along really well. Crystal and the guy were having fun doing their thing and the lady and I started to do things with each other. Soon after we started playing the the woman mannerisms became "strange" for me, her actions were for me weird and it really made me lose interest with her. I didn't want to get up and tell Crystal it was time to go so I continued to forge my way through. I guess you could say I was taking one for the team. After things finished she wanted to continue and I was just not able to do so. We talked some more then they had to leave and we were able to relax.

My problem is they are very nice people and fun to talk to, but for me that is it and I really have no desire to meet them again. Problem is they keep IMing us and wanting to know when we are going to get together again. As I said they are very nice people and I do not want to be mean and hurt their feelings. Has this or any situation similar happened to anyone out there? Is there any advice you all can help me with, how to tell them and not be hurtful. I'm sure some of you will look at me as being the jerk but at the time I really was at a loss as to what to do and how to handle it. This had never happened to us before.

I the shoes were on the other foot I know I wouldn't want someone telling us that we were horrendous for them and they had no desire to meet, but I also would not want them to lead us on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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TOPIC: How would you handle this Please help!!
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