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TOPIC: How_did_you_meet_your_spouse_or_significant_other
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Met through his best friend who boards a horse at my farm.

Louisville KY
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The short of it is: We met through a mutual friend during a group lunch when I was in Kansas City.

The full story is way too long to post, so should we ever find ourselves sitting around the camp fire and throwing a few back, I'll gladly tell the story.


Danville PA
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We met on Match, he'd weeded through all the girls within a 100 miles and was branching out. I was 120 miles away lol. When he first contacted me I was far too busy to even consider meeting but he persisted and we exchanged a few emails here and there for several months. Eventually he told me he was coming down on Sunday one way or the other . I agreed to meet at 1pm for a Bloody Mary with the understanding I would buy my own drink and he had 30 minutes to impress me ....our date lasted well into the night. After our first date I didn't see him for a few months, I was busy exploring all my new found options. Being on a dating site is much like being a unicorn, there are 1000 men looking for every female, you're dance card can be filled nightly if you so chose and I did lol. We still exchanged emails now and then and again he insisted he was coming down. This patterned continued for some time. When I decided I really liked him I was PISSED. I was having the time of my life as a single and didn't want a relationship AT ALL but my heart wouldn't listen to my head. It's been about 7 years now.

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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I met my current husband 26 years ago at a drug/sex party.

I met my gf in a swing club. What a night!

I met my Mentor in a swing club.

Yikes, I'm seeing a pattern.

Time to so to a swing club...again.. I need to replace my Mentor. Smile.

Glen Burnie MD
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We met because of a bet. I was working one night and me and a friend were eating dinner, my now wife came in with one of her friends, me and him got to talking about her and jokingly I told him I bet $20 I can go out with her in the next week. Well she left that night and the next weekend I ran into her and we got to talking, and thought we would go out sometime, that was 12 yrs ago it is the best $20 I have ever won (even though I never got paid)lol Its fun how things like that can work but with me it was love at first sight and it has only grown more with each day we send together. From a simple bet I have met the one woman that has and always will have my heart.

Jonesboro AR
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I was at a club with a sexy female friend (friends only). We went to dance, not to meet guys. I was a year out of a crappy 10-year marriage and dating someone, but we had decided we should both start dating others while still seeing each other.

Anyhow, how lucky for me and my female friend Lisa, as we were getting hit on a LOT by many young, good looking, but really immature guys. So I decided that I would pick who I wanted to be with, instead of dealing with whoever showed up at our table to hit on us. I wanted to talk to a very cute, younger guy at the bar (Bryan), but I was suddenly afraid he wouldn't be interested in me. (He had been staring at me when I was dancing, so I thought he might be interested.)

Lisa asked him if he wanted to dance with us, and he said YES! We danced, and then Lisa split to go hunt up her own guy. We talked and hung out the rest of the night. I gave him my phone number and said he could call IF he wanted to.

He called the next day, and we started going out. I wanted to have sex with him pretty soon, but I waited because I knew from past experience that if we had sex before I had any emotional attachement, and if his dick was too small or the sex wasn't good, I might not want to keep seeing him (luckily his dick is plenty big and the sex is great!) I know that's shallow, but sex has always been a priority.

I waited a month, which isn't long by some people's standards, but we were making out hot and heavy. The only reason I made it was because I was still boffing the ex-boyfriend a LOT each week-end!!

At that time I was "vanilla," so I had to break it off with the b/f before I could start having sex with Bryan. Then I still dated other men from time to time during our 3-year courtship, but I never had any sexual contact with other men until 4 yrs. after we had met, when we were already married and we had a 4-some.

It was my idea for us to do sex with other people, even though I was AGAINST such a thing at the time that we met. But then I started dating women, was just confusing! It's all sorted out fine now, though. :) He is my best friend, and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone but him. He's the sweetest person you could ever meet!

BTW...interesting that now we go to SLS Meet and Greets sometimes at the same club where we met!

Wyomissing PA
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I am sure that my rendition of this is going to be different from Craig's but this is how we met:

Believe it or not Craig and i met from another swing site. He was a single guy and when we first started talking i was single too....well (I at least had a single female profile) We talked on and off for several months me in and out of different relationships (he usually called when i was starting a new one) Well he called again and i was coming to what i knew would soon be the end of a relationship. At this time however i was on a couples profile. Valentines day came and even though i was out with my present beau i was on the phone with Craig the entire time. (Should tell you how exciting my Vday was.) I spent it at another couples engagement party, received an inflatable dildo for Vday (helped me realize all i was to this man was sex) and ended up going to bed alone because my current man wanted to party more. The next day i went into work and spent the entire time on the phone with Craig. (I was a manager i could get away with that That night on a whim i decided to take a chance and go out with Craig. I found when i got there looking far from my best a red rose, a card, and a stuffed dog that sang "Only You." Needless to say i pretty much never left after that. This all happened a year ago and i have never been happier.



Mayfield PA
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I was with a cousin who lived on an AF Base helping her shop for a crib mattress for her new baby. When done that afternoon, we decided to go to a hamburger bar in the base rec center that had a big theater facility in it. I had just completed a special summer music program at Rice University in Houston and my goodbye gift from friends was a black XXXX beaver Resistol. Although not in fashion in the least in Northern California, I was wearing it anyway. (I liked attention.) As we walked in, there was a large group of fairly high ranked SP's whom it turned out had just had a change of command ceremony in the theater area. One who had insignia up the ying yang was overheard to say in the most amazing Southern Gentleman drawl "boy, I sure love cowboy hats." We stared at each other for two hours and when he wasn't staring, I made sure he did. Or as he still likes to tell the 5 kids "no little girl ever knew how to wear a cowboy hat or bend over a juke box quite like your Mother did." I went to the ladies room and on my way back, two airman stole my hat and wanted me to come to their barracks to get it back. Suddenly this gorgeous blond SP was standing there asking if I needed assistance. Turns out all the insignia meant he was the Chief of Law Enforcement on the base and the young airmen in question couldn't give me my hat back quick enough. He asked to buy me a drink, I said no because he wasn't my type and when he questioned why I said he looked like a f*#king Malibu Ken Doll. I married him 8 months later and although he is no longer blonde, tan, buff he still has the damn dimples and I get more crazy over him every day.

Blairsville GA
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We met while we were both in the military. Hubby was an instructor for rappelling when I went through DI School. I hate heights, and even though not passing the rappel course could mean failing the school, I just couldn't step off the tower. Hubby came over, looked me in the eye and asked me if I thought he would let me get hurt. I told him I really didn't know (wrong answer!) he turned around, yelled at the guy on the safetyline "here we come", and grabbed my collar and pushed us both off! The safety line guy stopped me, and he stopped himself. Since I was hanging in mid-air 40 feet up, I really didn't have much choice but to listen and comply as he talked me thru taking control of my line and lowering myself down. When we got on the ground, he asked me, with a straight face, if I knew how much paperwork he would have to do if I got hurt on his tower! He smiled and went back up the tower.

Pensacola FL
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We honeymooned at Hedo =) What a wonderful place to start the rest of your lives together! Ahhhhhhh I can't wait to go back... hopefully next year =)!

Piedmont SC
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TOPIC: How did you meet your spouse or significant other
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