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TOPIC: Delicate Subject
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This has happened to us more than we want to admit. Poor hygiene can make or break a friendship. I have had to severe ties with a couple because of an odor than nauseated me. To get out of a sexual situation, A sudden urge to use the restroom works, then you return with the annoucement that you have diarrhea. The wonderful thing about having diarrhea is that it excuses you from play at the moment but if you are at a party you can get over it real fast if you want to play with someone else. Also it helps to have a code word to say so your partner to hear that means you are not into what you are doing.. they you and your partner can go off into another room for a conference and then return saying you are having some "issues" that are between you and he and have nothing to do with the offending stinky pussy woman.

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TOPIC: Delicate Subject