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TOPIC: CPL Drama, how to handle
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Ok. We contacted a local cpl a year ago. First meet, the husband was all for playing; so we went back to their place. A good time was had by all...... We became FWB with them: They have come our timeshare in the Florida Keys, we have shared holidays, etc. We even went out with them on NYE of this year; only to be told that the husband was not feeling well (although he was up for going to b strip club after dinner) and they went home. Come to find out, the husband has been cheating on his wife, and she found out!! This guy thinks that being in the LS gives him free range to do whatever he pleases; and that his wife should put up with it!! BTW, they are now separating, etc. What part of NO Drama do people understand?? Guess, we shouldn't have become vanilla friends with them, because we really CARE about the wife and are helping her though this mess. We are going to help her move, etc. because we are friends with her. She does not want to be in the LS anymore, which we can't blame her! Has anyone else had this happen to them? Where one partner goes off the deep and uses he LS for their own manipulation? We are not leery of becoming friends with anyone else because of it. It's a shame, because we enjoy doing vanilla activities with people. Also, the husband's not wanting to "play" the last couple of times we went out with them, really hurt MY (female half) ego!!

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TOPIC: CPL Drama, how to handle