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TOPIC: Best Swinger Advice
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When considering playing with another couple be ever mindful of how they treat each other, how they interact together. A couple that exudes a loving relationship, one that shows passion , respect and thoughtfulness for each other will generally cut the risks of drama . If they'd don't seem "into" each other run like hell. We adhere to this without question. A couple who never touches each other, converses very little or seems bored with each other is never a good mix for us. Generally those types are looking to replace what they lack at home, one or the other is simply along for the ride or they're trying to use swinging as a way to save their marriages. We also absolutely never play with anyone who isn't a true couple. Just because you have a guy or gal you can "bring" along or hook up with to play with other couples does not mean you are a couple and all the little details that involves. We want couples that share a great love for each other. We're not just looking for 2 bodies at the same time, one male and one female. I'm not knocking singles who play as a couple with a friend, to each their own but we look for a couple committed to each other, who demonstrate a love for each other and a deep passion first and foremost because that is the dynamic that suits and attracts us . If you're bored with each other I assure you we will be bored by you.

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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Plan two steps beyond what you think might happen but don't feel like you have to go there.

Be prepared for some doubt to creep in at some point but listen to your gut if it doesn't feel right. Easier to aplogize to a new playmate for pulling the plug than doing damage control to your relationship.

Talk about hard and soft limits a few days AFTER each experience to see if anything has changed for one or both of you.

Never assume because it happened once that your partner will be ok with it unless you have discussed it THIS time.

Most importanly, relax, have fun and don't over think it. As long as you both know it is all just for fun, you have nothing to worry about.

Youngstown OH
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We're still relatively new in this thing as well but the best advice I've gotten so far has been

~Never let anyone else screw up YOUR good time.

Long Beach CA
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-Never let anyone make you do anything you aren't comfortable with.

-Be polite. Be honest. Be direct. Appreciate that what seems rude or abrupt in the "real" world is often just being honest or direct.

-Do not confuse being forward with being pushy

-Do not confuse confidence with arrogance

-Do not involve yourself in the relationship problems of others in the lifestyle

-No means no, but also - don't be afraid to SAY no - and do not feel rebuffed when others do. If your feelings get hurt by hearing "no", you need to get over it.

-Never feel the need to apologize for what you do or do not find interesting in swinging, and don't expect anyone else to. If all you like is Czech-speaking blondes over 6'5 covered with tattoos and missing a few toes then that is fine.

Chesapeake VA
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TOPIC: Best Swinger Advice