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TOPIC: After talk
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Hey everyone,

So the wife and I talk a lot about playing, expectations, what we're looking for, boundaries, etc. We haven't had a chance to play yet, but our approach to the lifestyle I believe is a good one considering we have discussed almost everything under the moon that can possibly be discussed and we're both extremely open with one another and confident that this is something we really are both on board with and ready to try.

The one thing that we hadn't really thought of until recently was the "after we've played" discussion. This came up when we were reading a particular couples cert and in it a lady had expressed how much she enjoyed the time she had with the male which was great but then she went on to mention how much bigger the guys "package" was in comparision to her husbands and how great it was. This completely blew our minds that she would publicly say something like because wouldn't that cause some issues in their own relationship?

This in turn got us thinking about what sort of discussion we should have with ourselves after we've played? Should we be as open as this lady was or should we stick to very superficial "it was good" "We really enjoyed/got turned on when we saw this or that" yada yada yada talk? Now we're not asking for answers to that particular question because well we're the only ones who know what we can handle/deal with in this regard, but we are curious as to how other couples who have played approach the "after play" discussions?

Are there areas that you personally just stay away from and recommend to all couples to do so as well, or do you just put all cards on the table and hope for the best so to speak that you don't just completely deflate your spouses or significant others ego?

We just want to know what your thoughts are and how you approach the discussion.

Thanks guys in advance.

Jay & Kris

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TOPIC: After talk