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TOPIC: Abusive emails!
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There is a report button, on profiles. You can report them, if you want. The best thing to do is what Sweet said. Block them and move on.


Corpus Christi TX
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We recieve mail from couples and single males all the time that say they are just like us when the profile doesn't reflect that fact. so either they are lying on their profile are lying to us. as for the nasty e-mail, sorry that happened, but I'll tell you what I was told when i reported a nasty e=mail once. Block them and move on.

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I would really like to get something off my chest...

I feel as if I've been attacked over my profile and a response to an email, and am very angry about it...

I've gone to a great deal of trouble to make my profile as accurate and honest as possible, mostly because I know the reputation that "single males" have in the lifestyle. I do not want to take any chances in misrepresenting myself, and I try to play by the rules.

I recently recieved an inquiry from another user. I read their profile, and what they had written in it was the opposite of what they were telling me in their email. I am listed as bi-curious, because that is what I am. I am interested in contact with both genders, and want to experience more in my play time.

This other person's profile not only listed that minimal contact with men was important to them, but that the male was listed as straight. Here is where it gets problematic: He said in his email that we were "exactly alike", and according to his profile, we are nothing alike.

When I said that I had read their profile, and didn't think we were a good fit because he was listed as straight and I am listed as bi-curious, he came back with a hugely hateful, attacking, and insulting response, calling me names, and implying that I was stupid for being honest.

I think this sort of thing should never be permitted on a site like this, especially since solo males are so disliked. Everywhere you read on these forums, people say over and over again to be honest in your profile, to not contact people who don't have the same interests you do, to not contact people who clearly say they're not interested in things you are.

For me to be insulted, to be called an "asshole" among other things, is totally unacceptable, and I would like to know what action be taken against this user.

I believe that the operators of this site have the obligation to the honest, paying members on it, to protect them from the abusive ones out there. I have been a paying member of this site off and on since 2005, and I have taken enough abuse from the homophobes and the close-minded.

I am not going to stand idly by and be abused for being honest. What is the best way to take action to bring this to the attention of the operators, in order for them to do something about this?

Don't just tell me to ignore them, because that only enables their abusive conduct, and does not punish the guilty party. We solo males have it tough enough without having to be abused and called names all the time.

Augusta GA
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TOPIC: Abusive emails!