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TOPIC: Talk About Condoms
Created by: valovers703
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I got introduced to the Durex avanti condoms by a partner that was latex sensitive. Myself and the other person (house party) that used the same brand condom with her ended up both losing the condom inside of her as we pulled out. I know personally, I found that the condom size seemed to be fine but rolling it on was extremely difficult. I know the reason mine came off was because I was unable to get it completely rolled on.


Fort Worth TX
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I'm really suprised there has not been more response to this topic! We once attended a theme house party that was sexy, very fun and a big turn on, as well as informative. Here is the way it went.

There were eight attractive, age relative, hwp couples invited. The hosts provided eight widely varied types of condoms, ranging from the off the shelf too tight Trojan to the latest end sack type. There was a full set for each guy.

After awhile of getting turned on in the hot tub and everyone was about to explode the host determined that every gal was adequately turned on for what was about to begin. All the gals were lined up on hands and knees doggy style. The guys were each handed a condom, the exact identity of which was secret except to the hosts. The rest went like a blind wine tasting. To be perfectly unbiased the partners changed with each condom. Both the men and the women rated the condoms and the finally was excellent.

The women chose a partner and her favorite condom, then proceeded to engage the man in any position necessary and adequately to cause the man to ejaculate inside the condom. What happened after that was a little fuzzy but I think the last round was strictly oral until every woman had an oral orgasm... now that was a free for all with men on women, women on women and then both.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Be creative, enjoy life, be happy. There is nothing about sex that is not wonderful, including condoms when made into pleasure toys!

Olmos Park TX
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We ALL hate condoms, but they seem to be a necessary evil if you're going to play safely. Let's share experiences and opinions on condoms - which do you prefer and why?

For example, I just read that Durex Avanti condoms are the thinnest condoms made. They are polyurethane instead of latex, and that's great for people with latex allergies.

I've used Avantis, and they ARE great, but I sometimes find that after I've come I lose the condom on the way out. Most condoms I've tried are TOO tight, but Avantis are wider than most. There must be a happy medium somewhere that is thin enough to minimize the loss of sensation and yet tight enough to stay on without strangling all the blood back out of a penis.

Check out condomania dot net. They offer 55 (can you believe it) different sizes of condoms, and a downloadable size chart so you can determine the perfect size for YOU!

Cool, huh?

Anybody got some other tips or experiences to share about condoms?


South Riding VA
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TOPIC: Talk About Condoms