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TOPIC: Chest pain
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Last night after a club visit, the Mrs and I were having some good old fashioned reclamation sex, and my chest started hurting at the same time my left arm was feeling a little odd. I wouldn't call it numb, just odd.

Leading up to the event I was in a front leaning rest style position for a good while and attributed the arm issue to that, but I'm at a loss on the chest pain. It all occurred during vigorous fucking.

I didn't take any unusual shots to the chest or arm this week, so I can't blame it on hockey.

I can't use drugs so I can't blame it on a medication or recreational drug use.

Our club visit was quite normal (normal amount of fucking for me etc) so I can't blame it on over exertion.

It had been a long day at that point (23 hours of being awake with a few 20 minute cat naps during the day) but the chest pain occurred again to a lesser extent a few hours later after a post sex sleep when I woke up to fuck again. So I feel like I can't blame it on a lack of rest either.

I'm only 30. Do heart attack/stroke symptoms show up this early?

I know I should stop smoking, I know I should try to sleep more regularly, I know I should eat healthier.

It's not work related stress, its not a lack of exercise, and its not the result of over extending myself on a crazy night. The night was crazy fun, but nothing out of my normal habits.

Seeking any info on heart related issues any of you may have, specifically those of you who have had heart attacks/strokes and how far in advance of the incident you started getting warning signs that I mentioned.



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TOPIC: Chest pain