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TOPIC: best pickup lines ever found on Craigslist 'Creamed slut recipe'
Created by: WeR_outsidethebox
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Read this today - just HAD To share!

INGREDIENTS 1 Insatiable slut 2 Pinches hardened nipple 2 Slender legs, spread wide 1 melted pussy (pre-moistened) 1 Fistful of Hair (teased and pulled) 2 Sensitive thighs 1 Fresh ass, slightly tenderized 2 Pert and succulent breasts 1 Free-range libido

1 rooster (well dressed) Pinch of sophistication Dash of naughtiness Heaping doses of erotic spices 2 Groping hands 1 Hard cock (with Secret Sauce) 1 Tongue (soft and warm)

1 Hotel Room 1 Supporting Wall 1 King Size Bed 1 Waste-high Dresser 1 Dildo (optional) 1 Silk Tie (optional)

Preparation Directions: 1) Take pre-basted slut to hotel room. 2) Once inside, hold slut firmly against interior wall and kiss until properly aroused and wet to the touch. Repeat as necessary until pussy becomes heavy and exclamation of “Oh God” is evident. 3) Sprinkle slut with dirty words indicating exactly what you will do. 4) Next, kneed breasts with hands until nipples grow hard and long. 5) If sluts knees weaken, lower slut to hotel room floor. Remove cock from zip-locked pants and insert between sluts lips. Remove before cream has a chance to separate and rise to the top. 6) Raise slut from floor and bend over a knee or chair. Tenderize her ass with numerous playful smacks with open palm of your hand. Once a slight, reddish glow begins to emit from her cheeks, replace smacks with softer caresses and insert a finger inside her pussy. 7) Fingerfuck on slow. 8) Once slut starts to whimper, move slut to bed. Raise legs and split thights. Stick tongue in pussy and delicately taste. Caution. Juices may seep and slut may be hot. 9) Coat fingers again with Slut Juice, paying particular attention to soft walls of inner cavity. You will find a small button. Stroke and tease without mercy. 10) Check pussy’s temperature. If oven is pre-heated and lips are fanned and glistening, prepare to fuck pussy with special probe. 11) If moans are present, the slut is now prepared for fucking. Pull by legs to edge of bed. Flip slut over and raise her ass. 12) Place cockhead against wet lips of pussy and rock slowly, inserting about an inch. Lean forward and take ball slut’s hair within your hands while pulling back 13) Slam cock into slut’s oven. 14) Repeat continually until slut screams and cums.

Serving Size: Multiple Orgasms Prep Time: Several Hours Submitted by: Handsome West County male

Florissant MO
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TOPIC: best pickup lines ever found on Craigslist 'Creamed slut recipe'