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TOPIC: a couple polish jokes
Created by: kevoschu
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A brithish man, chinese man, and polish man get stranded on a desert island. The brit finds a magical lamp and a genie apears and grants them all one wish. The british man and chinese man both wish to be back home with there familys and off they go. The genie asks the polish man his wish and he started to cry. " Those guys were my best friends I wish they were here to help me out."


An Italian, Japinese, and a polok are all going to this bridge to cummit suicide because they all lost there jobs and their wives left them. God yells down saying " Don't jump here or else I will leave you barely alive wishing you had the ability to kill yourselves. I understand why you want to die but I have a better plan. Go to the tallest building in town and jump there. the first words out of your mouth I will turn you into."

The next day the three of them go to the tallest building in town. The Italian man jumps first and yells "PARROT" sure enough he turned in to a parrot. The japanese man now knowing that this is true jumps next and yells "EAGLE". Poof he turned into and eagle. the polish man runs off the roof and got scared and the only thing he could say was "SHIIIIIIIT" splat.

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TOPIC: a couple polish jokes