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TOPIC: SuperRooster
Created by: hapci534
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Farmer John buys a new rooster... lets it loose in the yard...

Next morning, it's a pleasant surprise: the new rooster is good! He did all the chickens. What a magnificent specimen.

Another day, another check: yikes! The new rooster did all the chickens, all the ducks, all the geese, even the dog and the cat! the farmer tells the rooster: "Easy, fella, easy! At this pace you won't last long!"

On the third day, the farmer can't believe his eyes: the rooster did *all* the animals. All the poultry, even the peacocks. And the cat. The dog. The pigs! Even the cow! But it's laying on its back on the ground, now... legs up, tongue hanging, staring with glassy eyes at the vultures circling above it...

"See, you poor creature?" the farmer says, "I told you you won't last long at this pace. Look at these huge buzzards..." "Sssht!..." the rooster whispers back "The first one is about to land..."

Honolulu HI
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TOPIC: SuperRooster