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TOPIC: Shopping for condoms
Created by: hapci534
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Handsome, shy guy goes to the village drug store to buy condoms. "What size?" - asks the cute female clerk. "Uhh, I don't know, I'm buying these the first time." "Please go to the back of the store. You'll see a plywood wall with 3 holes in it. Check in which hole your penis fits and let me know what size it says next to it."

Hesitantly, the guys goes to the back... he finds the plywood wall with the 3 holes. Unbeknownst to him, the cute clerk already slid behind the wall. The guy puts his dick in the first hole... soft, gentle hands massage it. He yanks it out, startled, he puts it in the second hole... mmm, feels like a female mouth giving him oral sex! Wow! He tries the third hole... it feels just like pussy! He has such a great time banging it, he finishes with a huge orgasm.

He staggers slowly back to the front of the store... the clerk is already back, her hair and makeup adjusted, waiting for him with a smile... "So, what condom size do you need?"

And the guy... "Never mind condoms, I'll take two yards of that wall!"

Honolulu HI
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TOPIC: Shopping for condoms