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TOPIC: Ooooooo kinky
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A beautiful woman walks into a crowded bar. She notices an empty seat at the bar and sits next to a handsome man. She orders a drink and turns to him. "Are you here alone?"

The handsome man turns to her. "Yes I am. As a matter of fact I've been alone for three weeks now. My girlfriend left me because I'm into kinky sex."

"Really!" My boyfriend left me because I like kinky sex too. After we finish are drinks do you want to come back to my place for some fun?"

The man agrees and the two finish their drinks and leave. When they arrive back at the woman's apartment she excuses herself to the bathroom. When she comes out she's wearing all leather, has on a gas mask and has a whip in her hand. The man get's up to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?" ask the woman. "I thought you were into kinky sex!"

"Well," says the man. While you were in the bathroom I had sex with your cat and shit in your purse. Thanks for a lovely evening!"

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TOPIC: Ooooooo kinky