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My girlfriend was starting an exercise group at church and needed help with creating a catchy name for the session. I suggested "Pontius Pilates". She was not amused.

An eclipse was coming up and my neighborhood Sunday school teacher needed a religiously themed craft activity for the kids. I suggested the "Hand of Jesus" project where the kids traces their hand on paper, cut it out, then poke a hole in the center to then safely look at the sun. She was not amused.

The local church fundraising committee needed some game ideas for the annual picnic/carnival. I suggested they stake a three crucifixes out on a small knoll and call it the "Crown of Thorns" ring toss. They were not amused.

When Tom Cruise was filming "Valkyrie" on location in Germany, he thought he was being persecuted for his religious beliefs because of problems he was having parking his cars and looks he was getting from the locals in the cafeteria. I just laughed. Tom: they're Germans. If they were persecuting you because of your religious beliefs, you'd know it.

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TOPIC: Offensive Religious Jokes