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Created by: bt0005
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Got a hold of a book that lists a few of the stranger sex laws around the country. Here are a few. In Florida, having sex with a porcupine is illegal. What I wonder about is this. Laws, like warning labels, are made because someone actually did this. There goes my trip to Florida. In Clinton, Oklahoma you cant masturbate while watching two people have sex in a car. I'm glad that I dont live there or I would have no sex life at all. It is illegal anywhere in the United States to have sex with a corpse. If a corpse is defined as being unmoving, stiff and cold then the few times that I had sex with my first wife could have landed me in jail. I did find out why she denied me so much. She didnt want to cheat on her boyfriend. You have to admire that. And, believe it or not, in San Francisco-And it is California, I double checked-In San Francisco, California it is illegal to give or recieve oral sex. I have nothing to add to this one that anyone who reads this hasnt already thought of. Tell a Viet vet,"Welcome home." And remember, a bumble bee is considerately faster than a John Deere.

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