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A young reporter went to a retirement home to interview an aged but legendary explorer. The reporter asked the old man to tell him the most frightening experience he had ever had. The old explorer said, "Once I was hunting Bengal tigers in the jungles of India. I was on a narrow path and my faithful native gun bearer was behind me. Suddenly the largest tiger I have ever seen leaped onto the path in front of us. I turned to get my weapon only to find the native had fled. The tiger leapt toward m e with a mighty ROARRRR!

I shit myself." The reporter said, "Under those circumstances anyone would have done the same." The old explorer said, "No, not then - just now when I went ROARRRR! "

Caro MI
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Subject: Retirement Bonus.........Navy Style

If this doesn't make you laugh, you are truly humor impaired!

The Navy found they had too many officers and decided to offer an early retirement bonus. They promised any officer who volunteered for retirement a bonus of $1,000 for every inch measured in a straight line between any two points in his body.

The officer got to choose what those two points would be.

The first officer who accepted asked that he be measured from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. He was measured at six feet and walked out with a bonus of $72,000.

The second officer who accepted was a little smarter and asked to be measured from the tip of his outstretched hands to his toes. He walked out with $96,000.

The third one was a non-commissioned officer, a grizzly old Chief who, when asked where he would like to be measured replied, 'From the tip of my penis to my testicles.'

It was suggested by the pension man that he might want to reconsider; explaining about the nice big checks the previous two officers had received.

But the old Chief insisted and they decided to go along with him providing the measurement was taken by a medical officer.

The medical officer arrived and instructed the Chief to 'drop 'em,' which he did.

The medical officer placed the tape measure on the tip of the Chief's penis and began to work back.

'Dear Lord!' he suddenly exclaimed, 'where are your testicles?'

The old Chief calmly replied, 'Vietnam.'

Caro MI
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John was a salesman's delight when it came to any kind of unusual gimmick. His wife Marsha had long ago given up trying to get him to change.

One day, John came home with another one of his unusual purchases. It was a robot that John claimed was actually a lie detector. It was just about 5:30 that afternoon when Tommy, their 11 year old son returned home from school. Tommy was over 2 hours late. "Where have you been? Why are you over 2 hours late getting home?", they asked. "Several of us went to the library to work on an extra credit project" said Tommy. The Robot then walked around the table and slapped Tommy, knocking him completely out of his chair. "Son, this robot is a lie detector, now tell us where you went after school." "We went to Bobby's house and watched a movie." "What did you watch?" asked Marsha. 'The Ten Commandments." answered Tommy. The Robot went around to Tommy and once again slapped him, knocking him off his chair. With lip quivering, Tommy got up, sat down and said, "I am sorry I lied. We really watched a tape called Sex Queen." "I'm ashamed of you Son," said John. "When I was your age, I never lied to my parents." The robot then walked around to John and delivered a roundhouse right that nearly knocked him out of his chair. Marsha was bent double laughing, almost in tears. "Boy, did you ever ask for that one! And you can't be too mad with Tommy. After all, He is your son!" The Robot immediately walked around to Marsha, and slapped her three times

Caro MI
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What do the GERBILS say when the fags walk into the petshop??????????????????????????????????????woof

Mullica Hill NJ
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We've all heard about people having guts or balls.

But do you really know the difference between them?

In an effort to keep you informed, the definition for each is listed below...

GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: "Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?"

BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the ass and having the balls to say: "You're next."

Milwaukee WI
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The Lone Ranger was ambushed and captured by an enemy Indian war party.

The Indian Chief proclaims, 'So, you are the great Lone Ranger!

In honor of the Harvest Festival, you will be executed in three days!

But, before I kill you, I will grant you three requests. What is your first request?'

The Lone Ranger responds, 'I'd like to speak to my horse.'

The Chief nods and Silver is brought before the Lone Ranger, who whispers in Silver's ear, and the horse gallops away.

Later that evening, Silver returns with a beautiful blonde woman on his back.

As the Indian Chief watches, the blonde enters the Lone Ranger's tent and spends the night.

The next morning the Indian Chief admits he's impressed. 'You have very fine and loyal horse, but I will still kill you in two days.

What is your second request?'

The Lone Ranger again asks to speak to his horse. Silver is brought to him, and he again whispers in the horse's ear.

As before, Silver takes off across the plains and disappears over the horizon. Later that evening, to the chief's surprise, Silver again returns, this time with a brunette, even more attractive than the blonde.

She enters the Lone Ranger's tent and spends the night. The following morning the Indian Chief is again impressed. 'You are indeed a man of many talents, but I still kill you tomorrow.

'What is your last request?'

The Lone Ranger responds,' I'd like to speak to my horse....ALONE.'

The Chief is curious, but he agrees, and Silver is brought to the Lone Ranger's tent.

Once they're alone, the Lone Ranger grabs Silver by both ears, looks him square in the eye and says, 'Listen very carefully, you dickhead, for the last time...........


Destin FL
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Seniors at the Dr's. Office

They always ask at the doctor's office why you are there, and you have to answer in front of others what's wrong; and sometimes it is embarrassing.

There's nothing worse than a Doctor's Receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong with you in a room full of other patients. I know most of us have experienced this, and I love the way this old guy handled it.

A 86 year old man walked into a crowded waiting room and approached the desk ....

The Receptionist said, 'Yes sir, what are you seeing the Doctor for today?'

"There's something wrong with my dick", he replied.

The receptionist became irritated and said, "You shouldn't come into a crowded waiting room and say things like that."

"Why not? You asked me what was wrong and I told you," he said.

The Recept ionist replied, "Now you've caused some embarrassment in this room full of people. You should have said there is something wrong with your ear or something and discussed the problem further with the Doctor in private."

The man replied, "You shouldn't ask people questions in a room full of strangers, if the answer could embarrass anyone."

The man walked out, waited several minutes and then re-entered.

The Receptionist smiled smugly and asked, "Yes??"

"There's something wrong with my ear", he stated.

The Receptionist nodded approvingly and smiled, knowing he had taken her advice. "And what is wrong with your ear, Sir??"

"I can't piss out of it," he replied.

The waiting room erupted in laughter.

East Ridge TN
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A 5 year old's first job...

Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond

Formed between a little 5-year-old girl and some

Construction workers that will make you believe

That we all can make a difference when we give

a child the gift of our time.

A young family moved into a house, next to a

Vacant lot. One day, a construction crew began

To build a house on the empty lot. The young

family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an

Interest in the goings-on and spent much of

Each day observing the workers.

Eventually the construction crew, all of them

'gems-in-the-rough,' more or less, adopted her

As a kind of project mascot. They chatted with

Her during coffee and lunch breaks and gave her

Little jobs to do here and there to make her feel

Important. At the end of the first week, they even

Presented her with a pay envelope containing ten

Dollars. The little girl took this home to her

Mother who suggested that she take her ten

Dollars 'pay' she'd received to the bank the next

Day to start a savings account.

When the girl and her mom got to the bank, the

Teller was equally impressed and asked the little girl

How she had come by her very own pay check at

Such a young age. The little girl proudly replied,

'I worked last week with a real construction crew

Building the new house next door to us.'

'Oh my goodness gracious,' said the teller, 'and will

You be working on the house again this week, too?'

The little girl replied, 'I will, if those assholes at

Home Depot ever deliver the f _ ckin' sheet rock.'

Kind of brings a tear to the eye - doesn't it?

Destin FL
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While she was 'flying' down the road yesterday (10 miles over the limit), a woman passed over a bridge only to find a Pennsylvania State Trooper with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait.

The Trooper pulled her over, walked up to the car, and with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, 'What's your hurry?'

To which she replied, 'I'm late for work.' 'Oh yeah,' said the Trooper, 'what do you do?' 'I'm a rectum stretcher,' she responded. The Trooper stammered, 'A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do?'

'Well,' she said, 'I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch it, until it's about 6 feet wide.'

'And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot ass hole?' he asked.

'You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge...'

Ticket ------------------------ $95.00 Court Costs ----------------- $45.00 Look on Trooper's face - --- Priceless

Destin FL
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So he went to the doctor because he was concerned about his sexuality.

He says: "Doctor, I'm worried, I'm getting married and I think I may be gay."

The doctor said, "Well, take off your pants and we'll run a couple of tests."

Rez does so and the doctor grabs his penis. Doctor: "Say 55."

Rez: "55"

The doctor then grabs his balls.

Doctor: "Say 55."

Rez: "55"

Doctor: "Now turn around and bend over."

Rez does so, and the doctor sticks his finger up his ass.

Doctor: "Say 55."

Rez: "1....2....3..."

San Diego CA
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