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TOPIC: His First Hooker (It's a bit wordy, but worth it)
Created by: cplofunswingers
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John was at the bar with his best friend, Mike. They were having a few drinks and talking about John's recent divorce. More to the point, John was complaining about having a hard time getting laid since his wife left. After listening to his buddy bitch and complain for about 20 minutes, Mike told John to go get a hooker. John was appalled at the idea. Mike reached into his pocket, took out a pen and started scribbling on a cocktail napkin. He folded it and handed it to John and said "Here's the number to a hooker I know. She's very clean and very professional and she only takes appointments. She's not some cheap trick on the street. If you change your mind, give her a call." John took the napkin and shoved it in his pocket but had no intention of calling her. They finished their drinks and went their separate ways.

A few days later, John is home alone watching tv and longing for any type of female companionship. He remembered the napkin in his coat pocket, so he pulled it out and after looking at if for a few minutes, decided to give it a try and picked up the phone and dialed the number. A few minutes later and he had her address and an appointment for the following afternoon.

The next day John goes to the address he was given. He was surprised that it wasn't in the bad part of town, but rather in a really nice neighborhood. He double checked the address to make sure he was at the right place and decided to ring the door bell. Shortly after, the door opened and standing there was an absolute bomb shell of a woman. They introduced themselves and she invited John inside. She poured each of them a drink and they sat down for some chit chat. John was nervous and said "Look, I've never been with a hooker before but I've been jerking myself off for 6 months and would really just like to feel the touch of another woman down there. How much for a hand job?" The woman said "$200." John couldn't believe it. "$200 for a hand job? That's crazy!" The woman grabbed John by the hand, walked him over to a window, pointed outside and said "See that big house on the hill? I bought that house with the money I made just by giving hand jobs. I promise, it's the best hand job you'll ever get." John thought about it for a minute and out of sheer desperation, paid her the $200. She pulled his pants down and proceeded to give him the best hand job in the history of hand jobs. John could not believe how great it was. He thanked her for the hand job and decided to set another appointment for the following week.

So a week later, John is back in her parlor and having a drink over small talk. Then he asks her "How much for a blow job?" And she replies "$600." He really can't believe how much money she wants and is a bit outraged by her demands. She grabs his hand again and leads him to another window, points outside and says "See that house over there. It's even bigger than the one I showed you last week and I bought it with the money I made just from giving blow jobs. I promise, it's the best bj you're ever going to get." John remembered how right she was about the hand job so he paid her the $600 and she went down on him and gave him the absolute best blow job he has ever had. It was so good that he wanted more and he said "I don't care how much it costs, but I've got to have some pussy and I need it now!" She pointed out another window to the biggest, most beautiful house in the entire town and she said "Honey, I'd buy that house if I had a pussy."


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TOPIC: His First Hooker (It's a bit wordy, but worth it)