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TOPIC: Corporate Condoms
Created by: willyt
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Corporate Condoms:-

Imagine if major companies from all around the world started producing or sponsoring condoms. They would become fashionable and companies would probably advertise more openly.

Nike Condoms: Just do it Toyota Condoms: Oh what a feeling Ford Condoms: The ride of your life Microsoft Condoms: Where do you want to go today? Optus Condoms: Yes! KFC Condoms: Finger Lickin' Good M&M's Condoms: Melt in your mouth, not in your hands Duracell Condoms: Keep going and going and going Pringles Condoms: Once you pop you can't stop Sydney Olympic Condoms: Share the Spirit Hyundai Condoms: All day, every day Panasonic Condoms: Even more than you expected VB Condoms: As a matter of fact, I've got one now Swan Lager Condoms: They said you'd never make it.... Vegemite Condoms: Puts a rose in every cheek Levi Condoms: Do you fit the legend? Nescafe Condoms: It brings you together.

The following brands would probably not sell very well.....

Mitsubishi Condoms: Please consider AFL Condoms: I'd Like to See That Goodyear Condoms: If it only saves you once a year.... Samboy Condoms: The flavour really hit you TAC Condoms: Speed kills Nobby's Condoms: Nibble Nobby's Nuts Bolle Condoms: Put them on your face Kahlua Condoms: Drink the rhythm Aussie Homeloans Condoms: We'll save you

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TOPIC: Corporate Condoms