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TOPIC: help with shyness
Created by: nccouple72
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*1st time poster here...please be gentle =)*

ok heres my ?....directed at men and woman. Heres my problem, I'm shy! always have been... once i know someone, feel comfortable with them, etc.. i warm up, im very outgoing, talkative, flirting... but i have the worst time getting to know you and warming up, i've been told recently that i "don't put myself out there"... well what does that mean anyway? and am i too old school to think the men should be flirting first? ok so now about the girls, i am bi, love it, not just curious or in the situation, i love the feel, touch, etc of a woman... but when it comes to flirting or letting her know how i feel, i don't know what to do even if i was brave enough to actually do it! LOL... as with most woman once i have a few drinks it gets a little easier, but i don't want to be trashed to be flirty, kinda goes against the fun to be had later to me....i know theres other shy people out there, but im more interested in the people who USED to be shy and how they overcame it. We love the lifestyle and the friends we've made but would love to get to know more people and have more fun.. *devilish grin* ..i don't want to hold us back... any suggestions appreciated! go ahead and spell it out for me, what exactly tells you a girl is interested in you, what body language etc.... thanks! nccouple

China Grove NC
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TOPIC: help with shyness