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Well, if you don't have any nervousness or excitement, you're doing it wrong! ;)

Seriously though, we started off swinging with friends, and we've had both good and not-so-good experiences. About the same as with people we meet in clubs or online. We actually prefer swinging with friends when we find ones who don't have marital problems, etc., that detonate the typical drama bombs.

The biggest issue that tends to pop up in first-time encounters is the green-eyed monster. The tug of jealousy, possessiveness, or even self-consciousness might pop up... even if you've done a lot of communicating and psyching up. There's something about going from "talking about it" to "doing it" that kicks up emotions.

The best advice I can muster is: 1) communicate communicate communicate 2) reduce your expectations; realize it may be awkward 3) remember it's about having fun... when it stops being fun, stop.

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TOPIC: The very first time