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TOPIC: Taking time to recognize
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We've recently had a great month of meeting new couples, exchanging well-written and fun communications, and generally enjoying ourselves immensely. When we joined, we were a bit nervous about the slow/lack of communication, seemingly bizarre couples reaching out (Ed note: do not use pictures of you high on meth for your profile. It's kind of obvious), and just lack of progress.

But...thanks to all the great suggestions and input from people like Savandwin, rdy2play, Joey from TN, Nic, lj from TX, Akron, and many others - we learned patience pays off and couldnt be more pleased with the results.

We don't often see public thanks and appreciation posts on the forums and so wanted to make one.

Thanks again and we look forward to many many more adventures in the LS. And to all those new couples for this year, like us, we hope this may encourage you to continue enjoying each other...and others and others and others.


K and J

Roswell GA
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TOPIC: Taking time to recognize