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Hello everyone! My wife and I have been in this for about 3 years now. We cannot seem to find the right ones to click with. See, we both work long hours and we have alot of kids as well to take care of so our playtime is short. We have been with a few couples that seem to click on the first date but then they never return emails or phonecalls. Sometimes we think about just giving up on finding that right couple. We do know some people get turned off by not being able to play alot. Typically we get out on Sat. night. But we do get alot of response from SLS so we might be "booked" for 3 weeks or so and I guess some don't like to wait. Do you think that is the reason? Or is it because we do like to party when we do actually get out? Some couples we have been with have been great people and we could tell we were a little rowdy for them.( maybe we should drink more water when we go out!). We have been reading alot of posts and it is true that you spend many years trying to find that right person to spend your life with and be so compatible with so maybe we are just "rushing" this along. Anyways...thanks for letting us vent a little bit :)

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TOPIC: Still in search of