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TOPIC: Sooo close
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I was recently in a situation that raised my eyebrows a bit. I'm interested in the lifestyle, being a young single guy unfortunately I dont get much "respect." I'm not into the whole idea for simply having sex with someones wife to get my rocks off then leave and chalk it up on my bedpost at home. I thoroughly enjoy sexual escapades and am very open minded. but back to my point. I was recently in a situation where i was hanging out at my friends home after we had gone to the bar. My friends are married and seem quite happy and secure with their relationship. They have no clue that I'm interested in the swinging lifestyle. Well it seems that the female portion of this married couple is interested in me and the husband doesnt seem to mind in the least. Well that night after the bar. many "hints" were tossed in my direction :she " I'm still young and want to experience some things" he, " I agree we should experience as much as we can" subtle flirting from her was going all night. And many times she approached me to say something then backed off mumbling somthing like "no nothing no biggy". My question is do i breech this line of quietness and outright say "hell yes I would love o help you experience whatever you want to experience". I'm worried because nothing was actually said outright just general vagueness(sp) and some tension. I dont want have misjudged this and embarrassed everyone involved especially me if it is not what they had meant. Or should i just let it play its course? (im afraid there that they might not work up the courage to ask even though I would readily agree)

I've got one hell of a dilemma on my hands...

Phoenix AZ
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TOPIC: Sooo close